If you ever felt that you want to strengthen your personal well-being in a really powerful way — explore Namibia. Come here and you will feel that you are connected to the Earth and united with the wildlife.

Explore Namibia with Marula Conservation Park

To give yourself the best options it’s better to plan a trip in order to get the best service. And It’s definitely something you will get choosing Marula Conservation Park as your place of stay. Our team will help you feel Africa’s uniqueness from dusk till dawn. You will be waking up in an amazing room in Boho style (available in both Marula Palace and Marula Otjimukona Lodge) with a breathtaking panoramic view, and enjoying the sun while chilling by the swimming pool.


An experience outside of the lodge expects you in every moment; the rivers after summer rainstorms, surreal sunsets, stargazing, or finding yourself (safely) face-to-face with a Rhino in its natural habitat.


Welcome to the most exclusive conservation park in Namibia where our guests enjoy the journey as much as the destination.


Namibia’s vast and seemingly endless landscapes bring extraordinary experiences to life.

Explore Namibia tours

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  • Explore Namibia lodge safari going with the whole family. You can go by car or take a remarkable experience of horse riding on fresh open landscapes. Prepare yourself and check search queries like “explore Namibia reviews”.
  • Visit local villages, see how people live there, create new memories and buy some souvenirs to remember your vacation.
  • Find your inner strength with our retreat groups, spend an evening in fully-equipped spas where you put the hours on hold, taking in one of Namibia’s most unique spa experiences.
  • See Namibia by night — dark skies, bright stars! Namibia has some of the darkest skies measured on earth and this experience is breathtakingly captivating.
  • Feel a whole new vibe with parties in Namibia. Celebrate life while dancing the night away and witnessing a spectacular sunrise in Africa with your family and kids. Marula Conservation Park is the perfect backdrop for “Lost World” themed events, music festivals, themed retreats, and even big weddings.