Arts and crafts tours

Explore Namibia’s “art zones” where you will discover their unique collection of traditional African art forms to inspire you. Our Arts and craft tours transcend time as we navigate the wonders of Namibia’s art scene from yesteryears’ rock art to the modernity of contemporary art and the indiginous tribal art.

Aimed at artists, art lovers, sculptors and buyers, our art tours will provide you with revolutionary insight into the Namibian art scene. You will not only be exploring the contemporary art scene, but also be delving deep into history by seeing the art from some of the first artists to ever roam the earth.

Revel at the wonders of the group of granite peaks rising out of the Namib Desert called the Spitzkoppe. This is the work of a giant volcano collapsing millions of years ago which is what ancient nomadic San tribes used as their canvas for their rock art.

Explore the traditional art forms from tribes such as the Himba and the Herero people living in Namibia today and allow yourself to experience unprecedented artistic revelations.

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