Hunter / Gatherer Eco-adventure

Africa is famous for being home to some of the oldest civilisations known to man. We invite you to visit the oldest inhabitants of Southern Africa, the nomadic San tribe.

Known for maintaining their ancient ways of life, immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of the iconic San tribe before their way of life completely disappears.

Primarily, the San men were the hunters and the women the gatherers of the tribe. Join us on this once in a lifetime opportunity to see the San as they share their way of life with us. Learn about their prehistoric hunting techniques consisting of fashioning arrows and hand-bows from wood, stones and animal bones.

The San women are spectacularly skilled gatherers and have expert knowledge of the fauna and flora of the veld. We are treated to a demonstration of which plants can be eaten, are medicinal and which are poisonous. As the San women gather food, they observe the movements of the game in their surroundings and relay this information to the hunters.

The importance of human connectivity and kinship is a crucial aspect of San culture. We seek to tap into that, and allow our guests to leave with a renowned sense of self, after spending time and learning about the San way of life.

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